The CIROS Board 2020-2021

The election results are in!

Kai Xiang

Dear CIROS Members,

As you’ll be well aware of by now, the CIROS Board Elections have been taking place over the last 10 or so days. Despite the lockdown measures in place and the vast majority of you and the candidates being scattered around the world back home, the elections have been an overall success in terms of turnout (198 votes were cast, membership turnout was 54.5%).

More importantly, we can finally release the results of the elections. The names of the candidates that will make up the new board are shown under the graphs:

President (Esther Theisen)

Vice-President (Eloise Lochon Gudmundsson)

Treasurer (Paloma Crotti)

Internal Officer (Nina Spernjak and Aimilina Sarafi)

External Officer (Sabrina Daadour)


Congratulations to Esther Theisen, Eloise Lochon Gudmundsson, Paloma Crotti, Nina Spernjak, Aimilina Sarafi, and Sabrina Daadour in their election to the CIROS Board for the next association year! I am sure they will do an amazing job in taking CIROS into its third year of existence and making it even better.

On the matter of the next Board, we are still looking for a Secretary - so if you feel that you would like to join the team that’s been announced then keep your eyes peeled for the applications over the next week!

Other Announcements

As is the case with this time of year, there are probably some incoming first years who’ll be raring to find out whatever they can about starting the next part of their lives as IRO students in The Hague. So, if there are any incoming IRO students who have already signed up for our newsletter and you’ve made it this far into the newsletter - feel free to join this Facebook group: The IRO First Years Group is the main place for sharing information not only from us at CIROS, but a whole host of other study and student associations that you’ll get to encounter during your time as a student at Leiden University in The Hague.

In the normal world we would have had our International Fusion Fest (formerly, International Fusion Week) which would have brought cultures from around the world to our little campus (perhaps not quite as grandiose as I’ve described it here, but it would have been a set of good, fun social events). Now with you, our members scattered, around the world and Wijnhaven closed up for the moment, we’d still like to press ahead with International Fusion Fest in some digital/virtual form. Over the next couple months you’ll see all sorts of activities on our socials from all of our Committees and the Board with their take on International Fusion Fest! 

Until the next time, stay safe, stay sane under the lockdown and I hope to ‘see’ you in some form soon!

Best wishes,


CIROS President