Result of the Online General Assembly

Your votes are in!

A massive thank you to everyone who voted in the General Assembly.

As a result of your votes, we now have a new Secretary (a warm welcome to Benedict Baumgarten-Millington), a new Regional Committee and changes to the Policy Manual sections on Commissioners and the Advisory Board! Further announcements regarding the Regional Committee and Advisory Board will be made soon.

While we recognise that the turnout for this vote is lower than previous General Assemblies (73 total responses), we as the Board think that in light of ongoing circumstances, it would be unlikely that calling another vote would increase this turnout level.

Below is a breakdown of the vote:

Q1 - Board Election Vote on the Secretary (70 for Benedict Baumgarten-Millington, 3 abstentions)

Q2 - Changes to the Policy Manual section on the Advisory Board (61 in favor, 5 against, 7 abstentions)

Q3 - Changes to the Policy Manual section on Commissioners (65 in favor, 5 against, 3 abstentions)

Q4 - Introduction of Regional Committee (64 in favor, 6 against, 3 abstentions)