Our Last General Assembly of the Academic Year

The New Board, Changes to the Policy Manual and more!

Join us for CIROS’ last online general assembly of the academic year! It will take place on June 29th at 4pm (CET / GMT +2) via Microsoft Teams. If you are a CIROS member, an email including a link to the call will automatically be sent to you.

The GA consists of the following agenda points: 

  • New Board Introductions

  • Presentation of Secretary Candidate

  • Changes to the Policy Manual

  • Advisory Board (Change to Role Description, Change to Number of Members, Changes to Application Procedure)

  • Commissioners’ Movement within CIROS

  • Affirmation of Regional Committee

  • Addition of Alumni Membership


We are aware of the fact that our policy manual mandates us to send out the preliminary agenda 14 days prior to the General Assembly, but due to the current circumstances we seek an unique exception to this rule. The agenda points for the GA must be dealt with as soon as possible and we feel any delay may not allow for a full discussion to be had so that we can start up in the new year without issue. A further factor that plays into our urgency in holding this GA is that the academic year has ended and people are starting their summers, and we do not want to interfere with your free time more than need be. 

If you should have any concern regarding this decision, please contact us directly via info@cirosthehague.com.

We hope you have already had a great start to your summer, and we hope to see you at our last GA for this academic year!