Become a CIROS Pen Pal!

Our new letter writing programme

Kai Xiang

Dear CIROS members, aren’t we living in unprecedented times? How are you dealing with it? How has your life changed since the virus became our daily reality? What thoughts, concerns and anxieties do you have?

Talk to CIROS!

CIROS is starting a letter writing programme, where every member of CIROS is your pen pal!

Every week: A CIROS member is invited to write a letter (about anything they wish to write about) that will be published on our online platforms.

Some ideas for your letter's topic: Advice to members on how to live in a post-social-distancing world / personal reflections on life under lockdown / where you're spending your time now / your anxieties and concerns / anything you feel like writing about!

Another member will then be invited to write a response to them and continue with their own letter— like a pen pal! — with the hope that we will create a long chain letter that charts the experiences of CIROS members through the COVID-19 crisis.

How to Participate:

If you would like to volunteer to write this weekly letter, simply fill out this form.

Note that: CIROS reserves the right to reject material that is inappropriate for circulation. This includes, but is not limited to, content such as hate speech or disinformation.